Monday, November 23, 2020


 Good Morning, its a beautiful cool day here in GA. Great weather today. Such a Blessing to be able to go out and feel so good. Hope you are all doing well. 

Due to what this country is going through, I recommend you all stand strong, keep safe, 2nd. A. ready, prayerful, family informed, have a plan and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Things ahead do not look like a lot of fun to some people. As for me and my family... we are so ready for anything. We defend our freedom in wars, we are proud veterans, trained, equipt and ready to defend our Faith,  Our Vote Integrity, Our Constitution, Our Freedom of Speech, Our 2nd. Amendment, Our COPs, Our Children... We say no to anger, hate, violence, braking, destroying, burning, looting, abortion and the sale of baby parts in order to fund organizations as BLM. We want a good economy, (our 401Ks and IRA accts are important to us.) jobs, freedom of speech, the right to bare arms, Homeland Security, health care, infrastructure, Schools and Social Media need regulating, Small business needs help. 

This country became the World Power, the most successful country in the world and some of you, due to  ignorance have no idea of what it means and want to change something that is so good and great for a life of starvation, Socialism, look at Venezuela. Progressive socialism...  That hate against those who have made, or inherited money is destroying so many Americans. They all want money but not the job to obtain it. They rather envy and demand as if they deserve it. It would then have no sense to work hard and become a millionaire if there is going to be people who take it easier and want that money. Use your back bone and not your wish bone. If one wasted a whole life and did nothing while others worked hard and became successful... c'est la vie too late to pout. 

COVID19 needs to go, its mostly a lie, nobody knows anybody who die of it. They all had preconditions, their immune systems did not help. Its like going to war without guns... Good nutrition and some self control might help. 

Today I have some old model's graphics to share, hope you will enjoy them. Have a wonderful new week, keep Blessed.

Sunday, June 28, 2020


As a citizen of The United States of America who loves this country and all it stands for I exercise my 1st Amendment right and proceed to  ask for your cooperation. We are facing a situation where we must act and defend USA before it becomes a Venezuela. Please use other browsers than google to find out the truth about everything and be careful when reading their lies, assumptions, fictitious, imaginary, anonymous, spies, invisible men and all those characters they use to spread their invented, poorly created fake news and poison. 
Do pay attention to the anger, vulgarities, violence, braking, burning, destroying, looting, killing babies and selling their parts, killing cops. children and innocent bystanders,  attacking our elderly and whites... Then decide who are you like before you vote. No such a thing as a Christian democrat if you vote to agree with them. Jesus loves the children and he is not a mad man.
While they destroy the life and future of businessmen who did nothing to deserve this, they demand to be heard... They are an evil minority, hiding under a terrorist org.  "BLM but only the lives that cops killed because of crimes committed",,,. While I do not agree with what happened to George Floyd, why do all cops have to pay? why do we have to pay? why it does not favor every black?

I live in Atlanta and blacks kill blacks every day... I guess because that lives do not matter... Nobody stands for all those men, women and children unjustly killed by some evils. Open your eyes people. Those who know me know I have family in Venezuela and I know what is going on there... BELIEVE ME, you do not want that here...

Today in Venezuela there is no work, no food, NO MEDICATIONS, no water, your opinion does not count, no freedom, People are hungry and dying. Do you want to go through that only because you hate TRUMP? Trump will be gone, but if the left, Socialism or Progressive socialism as they call it were to win you will suffer the consequences tremendously... They will be here to stay, never another opportunity... Read about VENEZUELA!

Open your eyes people quit being naive.
Here is from THE PRESIDENT OF USA, asking for your cooperation. Pls. call or forward to the FBI any information available. Be a citizen, you will remain anonymous. 
Make sure you research these memes if you think they are not the truth...!!! email me with the links then.


Of course Obama left us his legacy...

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