Thursday, August 11, 2022


 At the middle of this chaotic world when it seems that we are going the wrong way, think of pretty things. Think that you are not alone... Think of Angels... This Artist has a golden heart, so beautiful, so full of love it pours out for the world to see and enjoy. 

Have a Blessed Day, remember that these graphics are here for educational purpose, to learn about different kinds of art, illustrations, drawings... You can not use this images to gain any profit. They are not for commercial use. Do not copy/paste, right click and save if you wish to snag.

Remember that if you enjoy cute and sweet graphics and tubes, we have them... come and join us.

Sunday, August 7, 2022


Hello Friends and Visitors
Today I am sharing some fun graphics I found. 
Been kind of tired with so much going on:
 The return of our Private Christian Group and the reopening of TattysThingies PSP group.
You are welcome to join us by clicking on this banner.
The description of the group is there for you to read.

Do not forget to bookmark this blog, Follow us if you have a gmail and or come back often.
Due to the work our groups require, we will not be posting in other groups nor remining you of our blog, so please do not forget to come by... We love to see you snagging some of the thingies we got for you.
Our Blog will continue being updated as often as possible and new pages will be created.
Keep Blessed and enjoy this graphics.