Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Luz Cristina's Love and PSP Art Group is been active for Ten Years. A great group to be a part of.
Its a group full of Great Tubing Artists and Creators who join to share the beautiful thingies they make... and I mean beautiful. They create using Luz Cristina's,  Lori Rhae's and others tubes ... We are so happy to join them and celebrate their X Anniversary this month. You can join Luz Cristina's group

As we celebrate our Great Artist and Friend Luz Cristina, we share some oldies for your collection... Do not forget to visit her page on the right and pick up some more of her great tubes... Have fun and keep Blessed.

Thursday, March 7, 2019


I want to wish you all a Happy March, Saint Paddy... and all that goes on in March, Beautiful month to see flowers and new life of many kinds... birds, chicks, squirrels, chip monks, bunnies and others....
Make sure you visit our EASTER PAGES on the right and come back often to pick up the updates.
Spring is so full of colors enhancing creativity and awakening new ideas.  
Remember that our Artists share their great work and our Creators send some nice challenging tuts at our group. 

Here are a bunch of old CARDS from some great Artists legacies. Hope you will enjoy and appreciate them.
Have a Blessed Day!