Thursday, November 16, 2017


I just love these little ones and how sweet they are for creating all kinds of things.. hope you enjoy them as well. Just remember that they are here for non profit, non commercial use. Have fun creating...

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Great Illustrator

Marcel Marlier (18 November 1930 – 18 January 2011) was a Belgian artist and illustrator. He was born in Herseaux, Belgium. In 1953 he did illustrations for a book by Jeanne Cappe about two very similar rabbits. Marlier also took part in the Farandole series, intended for children.

From 1954, Marlier illustrated the children's series Martine, with the stories written by Gilbert Delahaye. This series spans over 50 issues and has been translated in numerous languages. In 1969 Marlier also created his own series of children's books, Jean-Lou and Sophie. He was a great artist who died at the age of 80.

Great beautiful legacy he left us for us to enjoy.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


These are some other Sunbonnet girls, old images that are so cute and nice to see around. I ignore who the artist is
As always you are welcome to use them for personal and learning purposes  and not for commercial or profit.
Feel free to snag and for more Sunbonnet, please scroll down and click on old posts to find more. If you have any questions or comments, pls., use the bottom section.
Use the pages on the right side to find lots of new goodies. You can bookmark this page so that every time you need goodies you can find us easy.
Have a Blessed Day and come back to see me.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Between all the sweet things we find to PSP with you may want to make room for these lovely girls. Are they not sweet? In today's world so full of anger, violence and hate... lets spread sweetness. Sadly found these images without a watermark nor the name of the Artist.
As always remember that all images in this blog are free for learning purposes or your personal and non commercial use. Not for profit. 
Have Blessed and Wonderful day and a great time snagging and PSPing.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Gay Talbott Teddy Bears

There are some great artists as Gay Talbott whose teddy bears I am exposing today for your creations. Her art is copyrighted You are not allowed to take this images for commercial use or to gain any profit. They are are here to be used for learning purposes only.
Gay Talbott Boassy was inspired to paint as a child. A native of Lawrenceville, Georgia, She lives not far from me. While I could not find a direct link to her biography, You can google her name and find the beautiful thingies she has done... posters, prints, books, cards .... all so sweet and beautiful. Love her heart.