Thursday, April 11, 2024



Thank You for coming by,  please feel free to surf the many pages we have for you and to have fun while you do it. There are reasons to awe. giggle, smile, laugh, admire, and of course, spark your creativity.

The images shown in this blog, have been created by artists who freely share them for educational/academic purposes only. You are not allowed to take these images and use them to make a profit without obtaining a permission.  Contact the Artist who created the image, not the one who tubed it because Tubers do not own the image  either.  Tubers are to be appreciated for the nice work they do at using the PSP, Photoshop, AI generators and many other image manipulating programs that are out there... they do some great work turning the images to psd, psp and png and other formats that we can use to learn to create.

Here are some beautiful images for you to appreciate and admire the work of the artist. The great colors and motives. The fashion and styles, the hair-dos and hats, beautiful long dresses .. I love them and hope you enjoy looking at them.

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Meanwhile... KEEP BLESSED! and very aware of your surroundings. 


Tuesday, November 14, 2023