Wednesday, April 21, 2021


In leu of what is going on in this country,  and, The south border, lets show some house pngs... to take a moment and reflect on what a house really is.

A house to me is a building that holds my home inside.  Hubby and I bought this house and made it our home. We, in order to house our family,  had to add walls, closets, more AC/DC, paint, build new fences, expand our budget, work a lot,   pay its taxes, Home Owners insurance, mortgage and all expenses it brought. Today, its all in trouble, we face the fallen of our HOMES, not our houses, the building will stand, if you do not live downtown, but the Family, The Morals of our Home, the freedom, the peace, the efforts made and the pride of grown great new individuals to serve...  is to perish. We are loosing our Children and Grandchildren to weird indoctrinations.

And, as if it was not enough...  the coming of so many undocumented migrants, We, American Families are in trouble. We, are now forced to work so that these thousands of migrants can cross the border and receive what is promised to them. We must pay for all these that is given to them. A welcoming package that includes: FREE, doctors, hospitalization, dentist, attorneys and judges, Free schooling, in person teaching, room, (in Hotels) Food, clothes, toiletries, suitcases, backpacks and carry ons, toys and a $Check for all other expenses.. Free transport by airplaine, car, train or... as needed for every member of the family in order to get to their destination. Furthermore, they will be set up in a house and given a welfare check until they can support themselves. All that will have to be paid by our tax dollars. We must, I repeat WE MUST send our children and grandchildren to work, and sacrifice so that Biden's promises are kept...   The guest need a lot and its up to you to pay for it. We do not want to make them mad, do not complain or you are a racist, and will be shut down, threaten, followed and even bit up... Remember they are covered by Sanctuary laws,... Just work, give your money so that the hundreds of visitors feel welcome and secure and forget about your own. 

I am a Hispanic Lady, who wishes to thank all of you US citizens for such a kind gesture to Hispanics. Not even hundreds of thousands of poor children and homeless people in this country have this good...  I am so sorry that your children and grandchildren will have to do without so that the guest have plenty. Again, thank you.. such a kindness. I do apologize for the behavior of those new comers involved in raping, theftery, DUI, drugs and even killings Sorry for those who bring us covid and other sicknesses... they all wanted to come to the USA. Dreamers, you know what I mean. To the Glory of God you have plenty Sanctuary Cities and new laws that will protect them even better than your own country protect US citizens...  Thank You... for your bright ideas.

As a legal immigrant citizen who has no right to any of the above, I ask that you think about what you are doing. Us,  Documented, and legally obtain immigration status Citizens,  feel betrayed and stand alone. Our jobs will be overtaking by people who works for lower wages, our houses will need double protection, our family,  health, economy are at risk ... we are very concerned about this situation. 

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Here are some houses where, even in the fantasy of a tale, somebody made or can make a home of it.... snag away if you like and Keep Blessed.