Monday, December 2, 2019


On behalf of LORI RHAE we Thank You for visiting us, snagging, collecting, creating and or sharing her wonderful work.
We at TATTYS THINGIES feel honored to have her beautiful work being showcased  in our blog. We just love Lori. 
Lori is been tubing a storm of new tubes. Please come back so you do not miss any of them. If you feel you have, please scroll down through old posts you will find more of her great tubes. You can also visit her pages on the right side. We will try to update them as well as we cover this season.
Thank You for visiting us, for coming back, for your comments and emails and mostly for inspiring us to continue. God Bless!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2019


Today I am grateful to God who inspired and  helped me to set this blog up and be able to serve the people who enjoys Tubing, Creating Stationary, Cards, Tags, Extras, Newsletters, Posters, Memes and others.  Thank You for visiting this blog and  for the many compliments and encouragement I have received during the time that this blog been running. 

Special Thanks to our Artists LORI RHAE, DONNA  and of course to LUZ CRISTINA who is no longer with us but we all love her wonderful work. You ladies ad a lot of color, joy and fun to this blog.... THANK YOU!!! 

So, LORI RHAE continues on a roll... Glory to God! I love her work. It makes me so happy every time she sends me her new tubes. Out comes my ..."aahs!, awes!.. smiles... laughs.. creativity activates... visualization ignites.. all kinds of feelings and so much fun! Thanks Lori!

Remember to bookmark us for easy finding, follow us if you have a gmail, comeback often and keep Blessed.

Saturday, November 23, 2019


What do you know... Lori is on wheels  and she has been tubing some awesome images. Love the colors, the joy they show and, of course, the great job she does. It only gets better.

Lori's collection is increasing. Go ahead and snag one or all of them. If you are like me: I HAVE TO have them all!!! help yourself, here they are.

She continues working on other tubes and will soon share them with all of us. You can follow us down below on the right side, if you use gmail or come back soon so you will not miss any of Lori's beautiful tubes.

Have a Bless Day and a happy creating, collecting, snagging and sharing.