Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hello Everybody

Been away on a small trip and back exhausted, I figure better let everybody know that there will be new Mists and more added in the next couple of days. I did  find time for Jesus, Glory to God.

Spring is almost here, WOW and so happy to know it, I welcome Spring for its beauty, its colors, what a delightful season it is....   I love it for Nature, to walk, hike, camp... spend time in the wild, smell the flowers and observe the  new birdies.... so cute and talkative they are.

The bracelets above are gorgeous, I love them, can't wait to have some new jeans and
get me some new earrings,  they will also go well with my wild side of Spring and my Summer evening clothes... they can be found in my boutique and I have lots of new arrivals every week.

Keep safe, take time to spend with Jesus and check out the new Mists and others.

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